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I have to send out a huge thank you to my sister, Carolyn Webster, who served as my ultimate consultant while writing Cupcake Girl for anything romantic. Carolyn was so helpful in encouraging me to increase romantic tension, and she was brutally honest in telling me when things were too sappy or not sappy enough.

Carolyn got engaged while I was writing Cupcake Girl, and since I think that her husband's proposal is one of the most romantic, amazing proposals ever, I couldn't resist posting her darling video. Addison (who is even better in person!) changed the lyrics to Bruno Mars' song, "Marry You," and actually sang the song with one of Carolyn's best friends. Watch for my grandma, who comes across the field in a golf cart. She will be 104 in October. Also watch for Carolyn and Addision's 12 children in white shirts (that's right, 12, though one got sick and wasn't in the video.) They are both amazing parents who have created a beautiful family.

My good friend Andrea Landaker helped edit Cupcake Girl and is immensely intelligent and creative. She writes a blog, composes music, has written some fun (and free!) party games, and is almost ready to launch a Visual Novel Game called "Our Personal Space." Check out her incredible repertoire at:

The tragic elementary school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary occurred just after I finished writing Cupcake Girl, and I was so deeply touched by the faith and courage of the Parker family that I decided to name "Emilie" in honor of their sweet little daughter. I have followed her mother's Facebook posts on Emilie Parker Fund throughout the year and continue to be uplifted and inspired by their family. Click Here to visit her Facebook page.

I was asked to go on splits with the missionairies near the 1-year anniversary of the shooting, and was able to speak with a kind gentleman for from Uganda who questioned how God could allow such a horrific thing to happen. I had my phone with me, and was able to open up the blog on Facebook and share words of strength and faith with him from Emilie's amazing mother.

I named Emilie's two brothers, Stephen and Matthew, after two other children who struggled with cancer. As with the Parker family, I did not know them personally, but was deeply touched by the faith of both families during such excruciatingly painful suffering, and to rejoice when Matthew miraculously survived! I am grateful for the examples of those who go through so much and who love so deeply.

My biggest 'thank you' always goes to my best friend, my incredibly supportive husband, Dave. He is a man of many talents, and is remarkably committed to working out and staying in shape. He is a Beach Body coach and regularly posts motivational fitness tips on his Instagram and at his coaching website

I also want to thank my brother, Rob Doxey, for his excellent work on this website. You can check out his marketing company at the following link: