Catherine Doxey White

Christmas Scrapbook Pages & Stories (by Karen Doxey 2011)

An even more amazing feat has been the stories. Since 1998 our family has written over 350 stories. Here are a few of the titles: Fantasy Flight ,the only actual Christmas story, A Farewell to Alaska, When Faith Endures, That Certain "Je ne sais quois?" Miracles of Madadeni, Thanksgiving on the Highway, A Girls' Camp Girl, Acting on Faith, My Passion for Cinema, and It's a Wonderful Life.
When Christ visited the Nephites, He asked if the story of Samuel the Lamanite had been recorded. How much we would have missed if the story of Samuel foretelling the birth of the Savior had been omitted. It's a reminder of the importance of taking a few moments to record the many spiritual, life changing and bonding moments that occur in our lives before they fade in our memory and are lost. It's interesting and often uplifting to read other people's stories, but it's so much more compelling when the stories and spiritual experiences belong to our family.

Like many of you, every fall I join in the general weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth knowing that I must write a story; however, everyone who manages the difficult task of putting on paper one's experiences, feelings, insights and testimony is rewarded, and the family is blessed. The yearly writing of Christmas stories is one of our most worthy family traditions; the telling and sharing of our lives strengthens us and binds us together.