Catherine Doxey White

New Beginnings - "I Will!"

The Church Handbook gives us many guidelines about the purpose of New Beginnings, including the direction that we introduce the YW theme and logo, share the symbols of each class, and give an overview of Personal Progress. Though we have chosen to share this information through brief talks before the skit begins, it would be very easy to integrate these objectives at the beginning of the skit when the “Good Girls” are welcoming Henrietta to Young Women’s.

The beginning of the skit has descriptions for each speaking part and ideas for very simple props. The skit could accommodate almost any size of YW organization since each group of girls could be easily minimized or expanded. We anticipate that performing the skit will take between 10-15 minutes since just reading it aloud takes about 8 minutes.

Our ward is doing very simple invitations and decorations (like red checkered tablecloths), and is serving rolls and different butters for refreshments to incorporate the ‘bread’ theme of the story. We hope that this skit will help the Young Women and their families commit themselves to draw near to the Lord through Personal Progress and the Church’s inspiring Young Women’s program.

The skit and invitation can be downloaded below:

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small PDF iconInvitation
small PDF iconLittle Red Hen Skit