Catherine Doxey White

"My Mind's a Sacred Place" is my attempt to arm our children with tools to defend themselves against accidental exposure to pornography. Pornography statistics have haunted me ever since I first heard that the average age that a pornography addiction starts is now age 11. I was even more shocked to learn that about 85% of pornography contains violence, making pornography a world public health concern. It is unfortunately no longer a question of whether or not youth will encounter pornography; 100% of today's youth will be exposed to pornography in some form.

This concerned me so much that I spent the next year and a half studying how to combat pornography and use the Atonement to overcome addiction. As I learned about some of the simple yet effective ways to protect our children, I thought, "Someone should write a Primary song to reinforce these ideas." I did not expect that someone to be me until I woke up one morning with the melody and lyrics of "My Mind's a Sacred Place" running through my mind. The song came so easily that I humbly recognized it as a gift of inspiration from our Heavenly Father.  Continue Reading...

Oh, Come and Delight in the Lord

The first year that we were in Pittsburgh while my husband worked on his PhD was an especially difficult one for our family. Between battling three rambunctious kids during Sacrament meeting and then teaching a rather wild Sunbeams class, I often left church feeling more drained than uplifted, and sometimes wondered whether it would have been better for my spiritual well-being not to have gone to church at all.

In May of 2001 I was trying to help my 4-year old learn to spell his name, and began singing the letters of his name to a simple tune. As I gave my two youngest children a bath one morning and without even thinking about it, I found myself singing the first verse of the hymn, "Oh, Come and Delight in the Lord." I worked out the chords and quickly wrote down three more verses of lyrics. They came so effortlessly that a few weeks later I sat down to whip out alternate verses, but no matter how I worked at it and sweated over it, nothing else came.

I humbly recognized that this hymn had been a gift of the Holy Ghost, given to me during a time when I needed to remember the true reason for Sabbath worship. As I silently sang this hymn during Sacrament meeting, the dark feelings of frustration I'd had were replaced with a spirit of reverence, praise, and true joy. I feel so humbled that our loving Heavenly Father would remind me what a privilege it is to "come and delight in the Lord."

You can download the sheet music for free by clicking below:

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