Catherine Doxey White

JournalHere's a Guided Study Journal that you can copy and print for participants at Trek! The bulk of the journal contains a "Personal Study" section focusing on ten different scriptural topics. Each topic has a short scripture story with questions for personal application, two scriptures to ponderize, and a short pioneer story. The journal itself is divided into several sections, including music, trek trivia for the car ride, and places to record feelings about trek vignettes and experiences.

To print the journal, start by copying each page of the "Journal Dividers" on a different piece of colored paper. The pages are not numbered, so you can choose which sections you'd like to use. Write numbers on the pages you would like to use, then copy the rest of the journal on white paper and place sections behind the corresponding section dividers. Once the copies are made (we did all the initial photocopying at the church) you can take the books to a copy center to be cut (there are two books per page) and bound with a spiral binding. It's not super cheap—for us it was about $3.80 a book, and it would obviously be more expensive if you pay to have the copies done. We also glued a vinyl leather cover to the front of the book, which cost an additional .75 cents per book.

I have also included a file containing scripts in the downloads section for all the vignettes we plan to do throughout trek. They include:


  • Trek Morningside in Chapel (Iowa City, Iowa)
  • Morningside at Trek Departure site (Florence, Nebraska)
  • Traveling Elders
  • Kindness/Sacrifice/Food Rations (Just before dinner)


  • Women's Pull
  • Rocky Ridge pull/ Rootbeer Traders
  • Prayer Vignette/ Activity (Just before dinner)


  • Grave Vignette (Just out of camp and before officially starting for the day)
  • Fireside/ Solo Experience/ Testimony meetings
  • Welcome to the Valley

In the Morningside meeting at the church before leaving for trek, the youth will be 'introduced' to 15 people playing the roles of members of the Willie Handcart Company. On the last morning there will be a 'burial vignette' where they learn these were the 13 people who were all buried in a common grave at Rock Creek, plus two men who helped dig the grave and died that afternoon.

Happy trekking!